1. Divorce Based on Cruelty

    In this post we discussed the difference between fault and no-fault divorce in Virginia, and in this post we talked about the four fault grounds for divorce: Adultery, desertion, felony conviction with 1-year incarceration, and cruelty. Put Safety First, Evidence Second If you are in a marriage that…Read More

  2. Divorce Based on Felony Incarceration

    As discussed in this post , one of the four fault grounds for divorce in Virginia is felony conviction with a sentence of at least one year of incarceration. This is one of the most self-explanatory grounds for divorce—and one of the rarest. If you are in the unusual position of being married to s…Read More

  3. Divorce Based on Adultery

    When most people think of grounds for divorce, adultery is the first thing that comes to mind. Adultery goes straight to the heart of a marriage, and nothing points to fault quite like such a violation of the marriage vows. Still, real-life fault and legal fault are two different concepts. Let’s t…Read More

  4. Whose Fault Is It, Anyway?

    When marriages break up, there is often a lot of talk about whose “fault” it is. But in the law, “fault” has a very specific meaning. While you or I might think a divorce is one spouse’s fault because he or she is a pathological liar, a terrible communicator, or just generally a jerk, in V…Read More

  5. Grounds for Divorce in Virginia

    If you are the one filing for divorce, one of the first decisions that you and your divorce lawyer will make is whether to file on fault grounds, or whether to file a “no-fault” divorce. Of course, “fault” has a very different meaning in the law from how we talk about whose “fault” somet…Read More