On its own, divorce is hard. Whatever your situation, you’re going through an experience that’s highly emotional and stressful. When child custody is also an issue, the stress is magnified.

If you’re anticipating a divorce, and you also have child custody and similar child-related issues to contend with, you might be dreading the prospect of litigation. But litigation isn’t the only option, and you might consider mediation or arbitration.

For those divorcing, as well as those who have already divorced but are experiencing a dispute, mediation can be very helpful. Unlike divorce litigation, which often promotes a “win-lose” philosophy, mediation encourages a positive resolution. When kids are part of the equation, this is useful considering that it’s in their best interests for the parents to get along. Mediation helps people agree on support of children and spouses, the division of real and personal property, and parenting and child custody arrangements. Plus, it’s a cheaper option than litigation.

Arbitration is a less formal “trial” where the arbitrator acts as the judge. During mediation, either party can walk away if they choose to at any time. But during arbitration, both parties sign paperwork legally binding them to the arbitrator’s decision, like it or not. It can be a quick and efficient way to resolve legal issues, but both parties surrender a degree of control.

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