Why A Divorce Exit Plan?

Whether you’re the one leaving or the one being left, it’s hard to think of anything more stressful than considering a divorce.  Science tells us that changes in our brain chemistry make it hard to think clearly and make good decisions in times of extreme stress.  If you are considering a divorce, your head may be swimming with questions, concerns, and a desperate desire to complete the process as quickly as possible. So how can you make good decisions and protect yourself when you feel overwhelmed? The best way to tackle a complicated process is by taking one step at a time.  When you contact the divorce lawyers at Fredericks & Stephens, P.C., for your free phone consultation, we’ll first go over your immediate needs and concerns, then set up a time for you to come in and begin to carefully craft your divorce exit plan with one of our experienced divorce attorneys.

Our Divorce Exit Plan is designed to give you clarity and calm in a time that’s often riddled with confusion and frustration. While a divorce exit plan isn’t a silver bullet for avoiding the emotional strain that comes along with divorce, it is an excellent tool for reducing anxiety by letting you know what to expect of the legal process and laying out how each step impacts the outcome.

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What’s In a Divorce Exit Plan?

A Divorce Exit Plan is a customized list of steps that you can begin taking the moment you leave our office.  Whether you have just been told that your spouse wants a divorce, are thinking about filing for divorce yourself, or are well into the divorce process, we can create a plan that makes clear what you should do next to protect yourself legally.  It can guide you through questions like what documents to save, what property to take with you, financial survival, child-related issues, and much more. If you are in an abusive or controlling relationship, your plan will also include steps to help keep you and your children safe during the separation process.  Having a plan in place offers more than just clarity; it also offers peace of mind. The information contained in your divorce exit plan offers you clear, easy-to-understand steps to take to protect yourself throughout the divorce process.  It will also help you to remember what we talked about after you leave our meeting.


Dealing With A Difficult Spouse

Divorce is hard enough when the parties can communicate well, and unfortunately, it’s all too common for a spouse to attempt to make matters worse with deception or other tricks used solely to make the divorce process more difficult.  Your divorce exit plan takes this into account by listing “dirty tricks” to watch out for in the divorce process.

If trust has broken down and your relationship has become contentious, your divorce exit plan will prove especially valuable. While each divorce case is different and your exit plan will be quite different from any other divorce exit plan out there, each plan includes tips on how to deal with difficult spouses. Unfortunately, this approach happens often enough to warrant us including it in your divorce exit plan. Recognizing these dirty tricks and tactics and using the information found in your divorce exit plan can help protect you throughout the divorce.


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Each of the family law attorneys at Fredericks & Stephens, P.C., understands how difficult the process of divorce can be. Emotional, financial, and physical stress are often part of the divorce process, and we want to help ease that stress by creating a personalized divorce plan with you. If you feel you could benefit from a divorce exit plan or are curious about whether it could help you, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with one of our caring divorce lawyers today. Each member of the Fredericks & Stephens, P.C., team is here to help. We’re Your Virginia Lawyers.